Dog Show

dog-show-3Yes, any horticultural show would not be complete without a dog show and The Swallowfield Show is no exception.

Whilst it is entertaining, we are a Kennel club licensed event. There are Pedigree and Novelty classes on both days.

This years event has kindly been sponsored by: Pets Plus, Valley Veterinary Group, Cobby Dog and Fish 4 Dogs.

 Show Classes (both days)

Ring A Pedigree                               Ring B Novelty

0a. Puppy Walk (4-6 months)                    0b. Puppy Walk (4-6 months)
1. Puppy (6-12months)                                  9.    Crossbreed
2.  Yearling (6-24months)                            10. Child Handling (6-9 years)
3. Terriers & Hounds                                      11. Child Handling (10-16 yrs)
4. Pastoral & Working                                    12. Best Rescue
5. Toy & Utility                                                    13. Appealing Puppy
6. Gundog                                                               14. Companion Dog Club
7. Veteran                                                              15. Handsome Dog
8. Open                                                                    16. Prettiest Bitch
17. Best Short Coat
18. Best Long Coat
19. Veteran
20. Judges Choice

Obedience Classes (Sunday only)

Ring C – For dogs that have never been placed at any show

Heel on Lead – Recall on Lead (No Finish) – Play with your Dog
½ min Sit Stay – ½ min Down Stay

Ring D – For dogs that have never won a “first” at any show

Heel on Lead – Heel Free – Recall & Finish – Retrieve Any Article
1 min Sit Stay – 2 min Down Stay

Canine Good Citizen Scheme (Monday only)

Ring C

25 CGCS Bronze Award

Walk on Lead – Control at Gate – Walk amongst People and Dogs
Stay on Lead (1 min) – Recall – Grooming & Examination
Identification, Responsibility & Care

Ring E (both days)

Fastest Recall Competition

A dog docked on or after 6 April 2007 may not be entered for exhibition at this Show.

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