Artisan Food Exhibitors 2019

After the huge success of 2018 which saw lots of compliments for the Artisan Food Hall, we are striving to be even better for 2019. The following are the current listing of exhibitors at the 2019 Show.

Cherry Me

Home-Made Air Dried Fruit & Vegetable with no added sugar, no preservatives and nothing artificial.


Selling: Sweet and savoury crepes, hot and cold drinks.


DulciBella Marshmallows

Selling gourmet marshmallows and handmade lollipops

Glastonbury Cheese

Selling artisan west country cheese.



Great Big Pig

Returning once again we have the Great Big Pig selling succulent Hog Roasts.




Hampshire Gluten Free Company

We cook every thing ourselves in our gluten free kitchen so there is no risk of contamination from Wheat or Gluten. Selling: Sweet and Savoury Pies and Pasties, Sausage Rolls, Bread, Cakes, Confectionary and Preserves.

Jacquis Homemade Sweets

Homemade fudge, cakes sweet pies and tarts, savoury vegetarian quiches, some gluten and dairy free options too


Selling African &/ Caribbean food cooked using our own products which we produce, “Kumbites African Vegan Sauces”.


Marion’s Deli

Selling German Sausages and German Food

Nana’s Dutch Pot

Selling home made carribean hot food.


The Massita

A very tasty range of Korean Street food.

The Wiltshire Liqueur Company

Original Liqueurs that have been enjoyed at family gatherings, stylish picnics, and country shoots since 1993. Developed to deliver a sophisticated taste which allows the fruit to be the shining stars.


Simons Pies

Back with is again are Simon’s Pies selling cold scotch eggs, sausage rolls and their famous savoury pies.



Simons Pies & Catering

Not only are the team back selling their pies, but this year they are selling hot potatoes with toppings.



Winchester Distillery

Winchester Distillery seeks to enrich this heritage by crafting small-batch, premium spirits using traditional methods and local botanicals sourced from the surrounding landscape. All of their products are made by hand in small batches using our closely-guarded recipes as a guide and the master distiller’s twisted nose to fine-tune each batch to perfection.