2018 Dog Show

dog-show-3Not another Dog Show we hear you ask?

Yes it is, but with a difference as this is for the local people and their dogs where everyone has fun.

Whilst it is entertaining, we are a Kennel club licensed event. There are Pedigree and Novelty classes on both days.

This years event has kindly been sponsored by: Pets PlusCobby Dog and Fish 4 Dogs.

 Show Classes (both days)

Ring A Pedigree                               Ring B Novelty

0a. Puppy Walk (4-6 months)                    0b. Puppy Walk (4-6 months)
1. Puppy (6-12months)                                  9.    Crossbreed
2.  Yearling (6-24months)                            10. Child Handling (6-9 years)
3. Terriers & Hounds                                      11. Child Handling (10-16 yrs)
4. Pastoral & Working                                    12. Best Rescue
5. Toy & Utility                                                    13. Appealing Puppy
6. Gundog                                                               14. Companion Dog Club
7. Veteran                                                              15. Handsome Dog
8. Open                                                                    16. Prettiest Bitch                                                                                                                 17. Best Short Coat                                                                                                             18. Best Long Coat                                                                                                               19. Waggiest tail!                                                                                                                 20. Veteran

Ring C

Fastest Recall Competition

Times: Pedigree and Novelty Judging Commences at 1.30 pm
Fastest Recall Commences at 2.00 pm

Entry Fees: (all classes) First entry free on production of admission ticket.  £1.50 per class for subsequent entries. All entries are taken from 12:30 on Sunday.

Conditions of entry:

A dog docked on or after 6 April 2007 may not be entered for exhibition at this Show.

All dogs must be over 6 months old.

No dog shall have won an Obedience Certificate, Challenge Certificate, Reserve Challenge Certificate or Junior Warrant

Click here to download the Companion Dog Show Schedule

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