Joseph’s Amazing Racing Pigs

Six rare breed pigs, ranging from Tamworths to Gloucester Old Spots to Saddlebacks to Berkshires to Oxford sandy and blacks, will fill our arena with their amusing antics on both days. The handlers in country-style outfits encourage them down the track by shaking a bucket of food and the pigs hurl themselves over the hurdles in their rush to be the first to the bucket!

Joseph's Amazing Racing Pigs 2Obtained as weaners at the age of 10-12 weeks, these pigs stay in a stable for a few days to get used to being handled and are then moved to a small copse with a pig arc for shelter. Here they can be trained to run to a bucket of food. 



Joseph's Amazing Racing Pigs 1

Because they are rare breeds bred for living outside they are hardy and rarely ill. When they become too big for racing they are returned to here they came from and a new group is brought in for training.