Steve Colley Motorcycle Trials Rider

The skills of motorcycle trials riders like Steve Colley have to be seen to be believed. He and his reveals can do things with motorcycles that we mere mortals would consider impossible.

Like riding up and over cars and buses for example!

Whether the artificial obstacles of the ‘all-entertainment’ indoor spectaculars or the massive boulders and deep mud of the natural terrain courses, the idea is to do them all feet-up and non-stop.

·         3 Times British Solo Trials Champion

·         3 Times World Champion (TDN)

·         4 Times Winner at Scottish Six

·         11 Times Manx National 2 Day Winner

·         2007 Tough Ones Trail Winner

·         2 Times Scott Time and Observational Winner

·         3 Times Paris Bercy Trials Master Winner

·         2 Times Val De Isere Winner Mountain Pursuit Winner

·         2 Times BBC Junior Kickstart Winner