Essex Dog Display Team

Britain’s longest established and leading dog display team leave nothing to chance when it comes to giving the audience an outstanding display with a truly unique and fascinating commentary.

essex-8With 10 various breeds of dogs and their handlers, the team has huge appeal for old and young alike. They are not a copy of any other dog team and the many different exercises they carry out show they are not just a dog agility team either.essex-5

Tessex-10he Essex Dog Display Team were the only civilian dog display team ever to be selected to appear at the World’s greatest military event The Royal Tournament where they carried out 28 displays in 14 days.




essex-3The team have had the privilege and honour of appearing before most members of the Royal Family including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Anne, Duke and Duchess of Kent, Princess Alexander, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew