Short Form Manual

Swallowfield Horticultural Society’s Policy

The Swallowfield Horticultural Society’s (SHS) SHE Management System provides a full statement of its policy for Health Safety and the Environment.  Please read this short form précis in conjunction with the full system which is readily available on request and published on the Society’s web site.

Everyone on the show site is expected to act responsibly and to support the objective of ensuring that SHS’s activities are conducted in accordance with the Law, SHS’s Policy and the requirements of the SHE Management System.

Insurance and HS&E Policies

The Society expects that all Traders and Sub Contractors will have adequate third party insurance and anticipates that all Traders and Sub-contractors will have carried out their own risk assessments leading to their own Health Safety and Environment Policy.  Prior to the event, Traders and Sub Contractors will confirm that they have adequate insurance and are asked to provide details of their standards and approach to Health, Safety and the Environment.

How to Report an Incident

The Society has implemented procedures that cover major and minor incidents.  Both procedures will be initiated by the Society’s Safety Officer at the Showground Headquarters.

If you discover anything that you consider to be a danger to the Health or Safety of individuals or the Environment, please contact the Showground Headquarters immediately.


If you discover a fire, evacuate the local area and contact the Showground Headquarters immediately.

The Showground Headquarters will be clearly marked

First Aid

If you require medical assistance, contact either the Show first aiders or the Showground Headquarters.

First aiders will be located in a prominent position.

Speed Limit

All vehicles must not exceed 10 mph whilst on the Showground or in the Car Park.

After 9.00 am all vehicles must not exceed 5mph on the Showground.

Vehicle Access and Parking

Please park your vehicle in the Car Park or in accordance with instructions which will be provided.

Emergency clearways between marquees and entertainment areas must be kept clear at all times.

Traders and Sub-contractors are asked to maintain the separation areas “adjacent to” or behind their pitches.  This is required for emergency vehicle access.


Please remove all waste from the site before you leave.

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